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Pioneer Weston were approached by a leading tractor manufacturer, concerning an issue with a competitors seal used on their rear axle application. The seal in question was failing prematurely and was causing a number of warranty claims.

The customer was using an NBR standard rotary lip seal initially and then moved to an FKM material, but was still experiencing excessive heat and failure in application.

On inspection of one of the failed seals, it became clear to see that it was not the seal that was generating heat and contributing to failure. Due to the severe slurry-filled environment, the standard lip seal arrangement was allowing ingress, resulting in excessive wear to the main sealing lip and heavy grooving to the shaft. The change to FKM did not alleviate this problem as there was still ingress due to the profile selection.

It was quite clear that the customer needed a new design.
Pioneer weston R50 Unitised Seal

Pioneer Weston chose the R50 unitised seal due to its robust design and superior contaminant preventative wiper arrangement. This helped to solve the customers issues in service and eliminate warranty issues.
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